magnus holmes

Roommates is a project that examines platonic relationships which stem from people sharing a common space.

"Our energies play off of each other’s well, each one of us brings something similar yet slightly different to the table. It’s much easier being roommates with people you’re already friends with and enjoy being around then some unknown craigslist situation. You’re more empathetic, understanding and receptive with your friends than with someone you only live with. I met Arianna about 4 years ago in Boise, Idaho. We were in the same friend group and became fast friends, eventually becoming roommates there. We moved to Portland together where I met Dana under similar circumstances"


“Jannike and I met freshman year. She lived down the hall, and I heard people playing music in her room, so I decided to go talk to her. We immediately got along. Our relationship is different than my relationship with the other roommates. Everyone in the house is very different from one another. What makes Jannike and my relationship unique is that we get each other's sense of humor really well. A lot of our communication is just us laughing at each other. People probably think we’re crazy.”


"My brother is a musician who's been making music for quite some time now, his name is Davari and he is currently working on something very different than what he's used to. We have the same dad but different moms. I grew up with my mother whereas he was raised by our grandma (our dad's mother). We would see each other every other weekend and lived together as kids for a few months every now and then. About 4 years ago we started hanging out more at our dad's house since he lived there. I was living in Tacoma with my mom, so naturally, I came to visit my dad who lived in my hometown. We realized we shared similar ambitions as well as thought patterns. After a few years and both of us moving around a bit, we decided we'd cut out roommates and live together. At this point, we're currently looking at either opening a storefront before the end of the year or relocating to a place where we can run our small businesses from home. Our plans include opening a sort of an art gallery as well as an antique/thrift type shop.”



"I found her (Carolynn) on Craigslist, and we had a Skype talk, and that was our only face to face interaction until this Wednesday... She's a practicing Buddhist, and I'm a chaotic mess from just having moved here. Its not like the odd couple, but it kinda is. Sounds fun right?"